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Handmade Leather Mats

Price 50$
Only one pair of mat is availabla.
This pair of mat which you see is made with pure leather.The technique which i used to make these mats is weaving.I have used one dull and one bright colour in my collection.I have used
dull colour for the base and dark colour for the top to create attractive factor on mats.I am
using the same material for finishing which i used in weaving.This type of collection is very

This is side table mats for making your side tables cool and attractive.The length of a mate is
11 1/2" and the width of a mat is 15" .I am using the weaved material patch in the center of
the mat to look different and more attractive.I used plain weave techniques in these mats.This
is the basic technique of weave.You used these mats on different places of your home.I hope you will like my hard work.


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