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Beautiful Open Circle Vase


It is wonderful open circle vase.It is light weight.The net design make this vase more beautiful and unique.The beauty of your room will increase.It is easy to clean.This decoration piece is for every place you want to decorate like living room,office,bedroom,drawing room,basement,utility room etc.The quality of this vase is that this look beautiful in both conditions empty or fill with flowers.This is latest as well as traditional.

Mud Lamps Collection

This is table lamp.It is made with mud.It is traditional Pakistani item and are very beautiful.

This is beautiful,unique,traditional and latest type of lamp.It is floor lamp.It's design is beautiful.The lamp is made neat and clean.It is easy to clean.These lamps will increase the beauty of your room or office.These can be used on different places like drawing room,living room,basement,utility room etc.These lamps does look unique in offices.You also use these decoration pieces as your home exterior designing.

Beautiful Mud Vase


This is very beautiful and stunning mud vase.This is unique and well designed.The shape of this vase is different and stylish.This is traditional vase.This vase will increase the beauty of your exterior as well as interior decoration of your home.It is easy to clean.It is made with mud.It look nice if it is empty or fill with flowers or any thing you want to decorate.

Mud Decoration Pieces Collection

These is traditional decoration pieces.These are made with mud and are very stylish.This is a piece of traditional building in Pakistan,the name is Minar.e.Pakistan.You have use this pot in different room cabinets or on side tables in different rooms of your home.It is easy to clean.It will increase the beauty of your room.

This is beautiful decoration piece for your house and your office.Leafy design is made on it.This is very unique.These both pots are different.These are easy to clean.

Mud Corner Vase Collection

PRICE 100$
This is my mud corner vase collection.This is made with mud.These are latest and new designs in pottery.These are easy to clean.The designs of the vase is totally unique,i am sure you never see it before on mud vase collection.

PRICE 100$
This is beautiful.You can use this in every part of your house.These vase are use almost all kind of places and all kind of rooms and offices.It is easy to clean.These are Durable and sensitive.

Mud Jug Collection

It is traditional pakistani mud jug.

These are very beautiful and stunning jugs.These are traditional and is very low cost.

Mud Bell Decoration Pieces Collection


These are traditional decorative mud bells.


These are traditional pakistani mud bells.It is very unique decoration piece.

Mud Round Shaped Vase


It is a mud round shaped vase.It is a traditional pakistani vase.This is very unique and marvellous.

Mud Net Vase

It is a mud vase with a beautiful net design.It is a traditional pakistani item.This is truly amazing.

Mud Flower Vase

PRICE 70$ It is a traditional pakistani pottery sample.This is a beautiful decoration piece for your home.It has a beautiful shape and this mud flower vase is truly stunning.

Small Mud Wall Vase


This is pakistani traditional mud vase.The design is simple and unique.


Weaved Nut Tray

PRICE 30$ .The size is 8". This tray is made with cane and weaving technique are to be used to make it.This is very stunning and neatly weaved.

Coiled Bamboo Basket

PRICE 40$ The size is 15". In this basket coiled basketry form are to be used.Coloured raffia are only use in the bottom and on the outer layer of the basket.This is simple and beautiful basket and are very low cost.


Handmade Mobile Pouches


The quality and advantage of these mobile pouches are that the size of these mobile pouches are suites almost on every mobile.These mobile pouches are made with pure tooling leather.I have tooled design with the help of tool.


This is my handmade mobile pouches collection.I have used leather strips for finishing the ends and join the pieces of leather together.

Handmade Cards Collection


I can make cards for birthday,marriage,eid festival etc.This is my handmade card collection.


This card is for very cool,beautiful nice and stunning.I have used rubbing technique in these cards.


Bamboo Mirrors Collection

1) PRICE 25$ 2)PRICE 25$

These are pakistani traditional bamboo wall mirror frames.These are available in many colours and are very beautiful.The size of these mirror frames are medium.

1)PRICE 40$ 2)PRICE 30$

This mirror is very interesting and large in size.This mirror have five pockets.The second mirror is medium and are very stunning.


Bamboo Curtains


The width of this bamboo curtain is around 4 feet and the length is around 6 to 8 feet.

These are pakistani traditional handmade bamboo curtains.These curtains does enhance the beauty of your window and doors.These are very beautiful and durable.

1)PRICE 50$ 2) PRICE 50$

Length 10 to 12 feets and width is 4 to 5 feets.Length of this second curtain is 6 to 8 feet and width is 4 feets.

1)PRICE 50$ 2)PRICE 50$

Length is 9 to 11 feet and width is 4 to 5 feet.Length of this second curtain is 6 to 8 feet and width is 3 to 4 feet.

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